Bubble Prints

This is a little test I did at work. We didn’t end up using them but I thought they were really beautiful and deserved to be shared. I tinted bubble solution with ink, poured the solution into a shallow plate, used a straw and blew into the solution (as if I were blowing bubbles in a glass of milk), grabbed a sheet of paper and pushed it down onto the bubbles and thats how it was done. Hope you enjoy them.


Tangled We Weave

So the other day as I was trying to find some reference videos for a DK project I came across some awesome time-lapse videos of seattle by two people named Jenny and Eric. As I watched them one after another I couldn’t help but want to know more about the people behind these videos. As I read I found out that they live in two different cities, Eric lives in Denver  and Jenny in Seattle. Eric makes the music for the projects and Jenny goes out and shoots the lapses. Furthermore, they don’t ever know what the other is making until the day they put there two efforts together. This collaboration, to me, was one of the most awesomely creative ideas. They are doing a 30 sec video every week for one year and number 19 comes out tomorrow.

Check them out at http://www.tangledweweave.com/

I was so impressed by this creative collaboration that I couldn’t help but want to collaborate with Jenny. So, Jenny and I have met and plan on making an awesome video together in the near future, we don’t know what yet but I’m sure we will think of something. So, on that note, check them out and stay tuned for Jenny and I’s up coming projects.

One Hour Photos

Here are a few photos I took while running around trying to see Seattle before my interview. I only had one hour and really tried to make the most of it. I can honestly say for being such a cold and rainy place it was beautiful and I am so happy I get to go back.




This is a little video I had be wanted to make for sometime now. After watching the original Le Tigre-Deceptacon video I knew I wanted to make my own new and improved version. With the help of my friend Alyecia we learned and even added in our own dance moves truly making this our own video. I must thank my friend Ed for letting us use his place and equipment and for being so patient.

Check Out the Original Video: youtube.com/watch?v=EU1CDSP7FRk

Music First

This piece is a remake of an older one. This piece was originally created as a tv show opening for a made up show called MVCD (music video count down). I realized that with some tweaks I could turn the piece into a bumper for VH1. This is the final result and I hope you enjoy it. Also thanks to Mike, Wes, and Marcin for your feedback.

Music by: Passion Pit

Behind The Lens

This is a piece I made for my good friend Ed Senf who is not only a talented graphic designer but an amazing photographer. I really wanted to make this piece all about Ed and his process. I really enjoyed being on set and watching the whole thing come together. Thanks Joe for letting me use your 50mm. Hope you enjoy it.

Music By: Passion Pit